Wilde Agency Media

Investigative film and podcasting

Wilde Agency Media is a film and media house dedicated to conveying the human story.  From independent short documentary films to investigative podcast series to aiding clients to recapture their brand; our team is devoutly dedicated to the clear depiction of the human story that drives us all.

What we do


Video Intro and Identity

Short video production to establish your goal/purpose and to humanize your brand. Our media shorts allow clients to share their story and their company’s story with clarity and connection. In the wonderful, albeit frenetic, time of mass social media most companies have lost sight of how to best match their service/product to their customer/consumer. Conveying the story of the company, product, founder, and consumer is the most powerful and authentic form of marketing. Because of its shared roots with interview-based media, Wilde Agency Media’s greatest asset to our clients is helping them communicate their story with distinct clarity that will always positively impact the financial bottom line.

What we also do

Podcast Series

In an ongoing investigative effort towards looking into issues and companies across the globe, Wilde Agency currently hosts 2 podcast series:

Patricia Kathleen speaks with Female Founders and Entrepreneurs

This podcast series is hosted by Patricia Kathleen and Wilde Agency Media. The series interviews female and female-identified entrepreneurs, founders, business owners, and gurus across all industries to investigate women (and women identified individuals) in business today. Both the platform and discussion are designed to further the global conversation in regards to the changing climate of female (and female-identified individuals) in entrepreneurial and founding roles.

Wilde Agency Talks with Cool Companies

This podcast series is based around co-founders Patricia & Dathan doing what they do in their spare time, chatting up the heads of cool companies and speaking about the minutia of who they are, what they are doing, and why they are so rad.

Short Documentary Films

Wilde Agency both funds and produces several independent short film projects each year. Beginning with a Bboy/Bgirl documentary short in 2015 these projects have spanned a large scope in genre and audience. To learn more about our film history or current projects, please contact directly.