About Patricia Kathleen and her work

I’m Patricia Kathleen Guiley, a co-founder of an online shopping search site, host of an interview based podcast series and author of both a professional and personal blog and podcast series.

My online shopping search site is called End of Shopping ( and it is the first solely tech company I’ve co-founded.  We are just climbing out of a serious beta phase and are now a full-fledged toddler in the world of online searches.  

My podcast series ( launched out of an inquiry and investigation based on women in entrepreneurship and business ownership roles. Bottom line up front: as an entrepreneur who has successfully launched several businesses, I was astounded to look around at the age of 40 and find little to no blueprint or advise for female entrepreneurs (in the USA.). The interviews began with my begging all of my colleagues and friends of colleagues to conduct brief 30-45 minute podcasts based around basic questions regarding their fields and how they went about starting their own business or venture and has since turned to these questions as well as to how the role of women in business entrepreneurship is changing in the political climate of today.

My personal blog is based on my personal musings as a 40 something-year-old woman, business owner, mother, and advocate.

Prior to my current company and endeavors, I owned and shot for a fashion studio, made several short documentary films, and obtained a Master’s Degree focused in Art History, Criticism and Conservation. I have worked in settings ranging from the upper echelon of corporate America to my garage, and back again, twice over.

I am always on the hunt for new projects, ideally immersed in interesting problems. Some of my work can be viewed and you can contact me via my website: