Wilde Agency Media group is headed by Patricia Kathleen and develops films for clients as well as produces documentaries, youtube, and podcast content.  


Wilde Agency Technology group, headed by Dathan Guiley, creates inspired digital products by providing managed developers and designers.


Wilde Agency is committed to being part of the solution in the lack of equality, representation, and transparency in the current climate across all business genres in the USA (and globally.) 


We believe that inclusiveness should be represented not only in the teams we build and work with but also in the clients we serve. We are proud to be a female co-founded company and strive to keep all minority representations fluid throughout every endeavor we have, both internally and with the clients we aid.


At Wilde Agency Media we’ve recognized that our zone of genius lies in the ability to flesh out stories and narratives across the globe in order to educate and begin conversations that are the impetus for change. In addition to providing our clients with media tools that unite and educate their audiences, we work on independent projects with the ultimate goals of inclusivity and story-telling at the core of what motivates us.