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Dathan Guiley

Principal Consultant

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Meet Dathan Guiley

Dathan is the core of Wilde Agency. He comes from silicon valley, having worked in-house at Netflix, Amazon, Yahoo, and Overstock, and moved on to consult, working with start-ups, major corporations. He also mentors startups working with San Diego Connect Springboard program.

His technology background includes large-scale distributed Java systems, advertising targeting, and display, e-commerce systems from personalization to order fulfillment pipelines and marketplace integrations, payment processing, virtual reality. In addition, he's created full-stack startup solutions for many new companies.

Wilde Agency Development Services

Independent team as a Service

We redefined consulting to make it better for clients and better for talented developers and designers.

By working with independent consultants, Wilde Agency has improved the speed and quality of insight, whilst leaving behind the distractions and fixed costs of traditional firms.

We engage with clients to resolve their most pressing issues from strategy to transformation. We understand the issues they face and structure the work needed to resolve them together.

Blended Approach To Success

Wilde Agency teams ensure success with guidance by senior industry veterans and ensures lean delivery and value by crafting a team of independent consultants with the optimal skills, experience, and ‘fit’ for our clients, and leverage our extensive network to bring unique expertise. Wilde Agency delivers faster, deeper insight and lasting impact.

When we founded the firm in 2018, we sought to take the best of traditional enterprise development and freelancing to create a new consulting model. From traditional development, we took the caliber, professionalism, and intellectual rigor of the world’s top companies – and left behind the distractions of internal politics and the pressure to sell more work. From freelance consulting, we took the benefits of years of experience in consulting and industry, commercial pragmatism, collaboration, and flexibility – and left behind the unstructured and inconsistent world of conventional freelancing. Wilde Agencies consulting model frees everyone – developers and clients – to focus on what really matters: delivering lasting impact.

What makes us unique is that all of our assignments are delivered by independent consultants. They are a group of outstanding individuals with whom we regularly work.

Our projects deliver great results across strategy, operations, transformation, and organization. We have long-standing and close relationships with our clients.